Ashbrook Club Ladders

Mens and Ladies ladders for the 2013-2014 season.

The Ladder is now maintained by Club Manager

The ClubManager website will allow you to view the Ladders, issue challenges and enter Challenge results online. It updates automatically and provide statistics on how you and others on the ladder are doing.

If you are having trouble accessing the ClubManager website or have any questions you can email

In-House Club Rules/Guidelines

  1. Once a challenge has been made the match should be played within approx 2 weeks. (If there is a genuine reason for extension the players can agree between themselves). In other circumstances the ladder admin may award a walkover.
  2. The challenger must supply good quality balls and light tokens for the match.
  3. The number 1 ranked player can be challenged but can not be knocked off the number 1 spot. Should the number 1 player lose, the winning player will take the number 2 spot. (This does not apply between Spring tournament end and Summer tournament end. Only by winning the club championship can someone be the number 1 player in Ashbrook)
  4. The winner of the Spring event takes the number 2 rank (unless the winner is the current number 1 in which case the R-Up takes the number 2 rank) going into the Summer event, therefore between Spring and Summer the number 2 ranked player can not be knocked off that spot either (see rule 3)
  5. All matters of dispute should be referred to the ladder admin for rulings.
  6. We don't expect every member to be happy with their rankings. That is why we have created the ladder, to put the rankings into your hands. If you want to change your position....... CHALLENGE

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